‘The pathway to heart is through stomach’ is a great saying in India. Food that is not only aesthetically tempting but also tantalize our taste buds for hours, make Indian food stand out in the world. The aura of ingredients slowly takes over our mouth and leaves a magnificent ticklish feeling in our mouth stimulating adrenaline, is the key to great food. Almost every family in India uses asafoetida to garner the aromatic feature in the food. Asafoetida is commonly known as ‘heeng’ is a resins of plant and is the purest gum known by vernacular.

Anand & Co. one of the leading manufacturer and food supplier is well known for supply of asafoetida, which is used in every house hold of the country. Our all-India level reach and services are rich in quality and available with high goodwill and competent prices. Anand & Co. acquires its products from its naturally best native region. We pick the best of Asafoetida from high ranges of Kashmir, Afghanistan and Iran. We ensure the best processing and packaging which keeps the freshness and aroma of asafoetida alive and nurtures your food to the best.


Hing as known to almost all Indians is not just a taste-busting herb or aroma in food but it has got great traditional and medical uses too. A pinch of ‘hing’ without which our food is incomplete also features magical health benefits. It has magnificent feature. If added with oil or ghee induces aromatic touch to our food, taken with water and aizwain cures various stomach and indigestion problems.



  • Induces an alarming taste to pickles and ‘chutneys’.
  • Adds aroma in food especially vegetables and pulses.
  • Acts as an alternative to onion and garlic.
  • Fried with ghee, harmonizes all taste buds together.


  • Best remedy for constipation.
  • Cures indigestion, if taken with water.
  • Fights Influenza.
  • A single homemade solution for asthma and bronchitis.
  • Reduces painful menstruation cramps.
  • Stimulates nervous and respiratory system.
  • Best for pregnancy ailments, before and after birth.

Anand & Co. is committed to provide the best food products to every Indian household. Asafoetida lies in heart of every food lover and we promise to deliver the finest quality of asafoetida (hing). The products are not only rich in quality but also at the cheapest price available in market. Quality and customer satisfaction is our sole agenda with some mutual aromatic feeling.

Anand & Co. prepare and processes it with great precision and care, we put forward our best technology to make our products a part and parcel of your daily tasty food. Anand & Co.ensures taste of every family stays forever like the strong aroma of heeng.

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