Edible Gold & Silver Leaves

Edible Gold & Silver Leaves

Ever since our childhood, Indian sweets like kaju katli, ladoos, khoya ones or any in fact any other mouth-watering mithai seem incomplete without that glittery sparkle over it. It not only makes them look beautifully tempting but has even got many little known, hidden digestive properties. Those glittering sparkles are nothing but chandi ka varq and sone ka varq which is made up of edible gold & silver leaves.

New Technique

Consumers under the perception that edible gold & silver leaves are produced in leather products can also rest assured. We offer these these leaves in a very pure and vegetarian way. Absolutely hygeinic, purified and vegetarian our edible gold & silver leaves are offered through an automatic system, without the use of any type of Leather, thus leaving potency. We use Japanese Paper instead of Leather for production of edible Gold & Silver Leaves.

Edible Gold & Silver Leaves

Gold and silver both being ductile and malleable metals can be drawn in thin wires and can even be beaten in thin sheets. For making them edible for us, these metals are hammered automatically till to achieve 0.2 micron or less thickness in order to digest. Gold, being an inert metal and can pass easily through our intestinal system. They can then be consumed. Since time immemorial, these leaves are used every day in Indian houses in a variety of ways. Edible gold LEAF, Flakes and Dusts are also offered in certain countries with specific exemptions for use in rice, biryani and other foods. 23ct Edible Gold leaf and 9999 grade Edible Silver leaf are manufactured with extreme care and controls and adhere to the FDA guidelines of edibility. Edible leaf has no taste or smell but has a very luxurious appearance.

Why We Are Best

There are many companies which provide you with edible gold & silver leaves but if you want 100% purity, Anand & Co. is the name you can bank upon. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality leaves. Our USP are the automatic manufacturing plants which produce edible gold & silver leaves in a very clean way and purely vegetarian way. At Anand &Co. there is no need for the customer to worry whether the leaves have any non vegetarian content or not, as for us, vegetarianism is the way to go! If we claim that they are produced in a purely vegetarian way, they actually are.

Our Characteristics:

  • Hygienic Environment.
  • Fully Automatic Manufacturing Plant.
  • Pure vegetarian method.
  • Clean environment.
  • Genuine gold and silver leaves.
  • 23 K Genuine Gold leaf and 9999 GRADE Pure Silver leaf products.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • No use of any LEATHER.

Uses of Edible Gold & Silver Leaves

Apart from being used for sweets, these leaves are widely used for many other purposes. They are for edible as well as for decorative purposes.

As edible

  • Gold and silver dusts are proved to help body achieve well being. It is actually prescribed by the ayurveda.
  • They fight allergies and bad effects of pollution killing 650 known germs and viruses.
  • In Greek period, it was believed that they have magical healing powers.
  • Chinese alchemists claimed over 5000 years ago that to increase longevity and prepare a physical body for immortality, their use is one of the best.

As decorative

  • Apart from being used in Indian traditions, they are finding ways in high society cocktail and dining.
  • They are considered auspicious and are used widely during festivals and celebrations.
  • They give a perception of luxury and high value.

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