Packaging & Delivery

We take utmost care to package our products in finest quality and laminated pouches. Our products are available in the packing of customer specifications. We understand the importance of packing for keeping the end products fresh, healthy, safe and secure from any damage. We also take care of timely delivery of orders so as to avoid any inconvenience to our valued customers.

Saffron pack sizes :

50mg, 0.25 gm, 0.5 gm, 1 gm, 5 gm, 25 gm, 50 gm.

1. Gold Leaves :-

(a) Meera Edible Gold Leaf Booklets :-

Gold and Silver leaf has been used for centuries, not only for decoration of fine art objects but also for the decoration of food. It has a long and illustrious history as a culinary ornament signifying good luck, prosperity and wealth. Our range of Edible Gold & Silver products are designed specifically for the decoration of certain food and beverages and allow you to transfer to your table all the magic of these precious materials, bringing an ancient Renaissance tradition back to life.

Edible leaf is manufactured with extreme care and controls and adheres to the FDA guidelines of edibility. Edible leaf has no taste or smell but has a very luxurious appearance.

All of the products have safety certification, are ISO, GMP and FSSAI

It is important when purchasing any edible Gold or Silver leaf that the product adheres to safety controls. All of our products comply with safety standards. Each item bears the manufacturers name, address and the lot number of the product.

Edible Gold and Silver are classified as Natural Food Additives.

MEERA Edible Gold Leaf Booklet Loose- 4 leaves
Booklets containing loose edible gold leaf interleaved with fresh butter paper. The leaf can be gently topped out of the book and directly onto the food item.

(b) MEERA Edible Gold Dust, Flakes & Petals.

Dress up your food with Edible Gold sprinkles! As easy as sprinkling sugar but with far more glamorous results! A little goes a long way and adds a real decadent sparkle to dishes. Simply sprinkle onto Kheer, Custord or into Rice and transform your dinner party into a glittering event. The golden petals are made from shredded leaves of pure edible gold.

2. Silver Leaves :-

(a) Meera Edible Gold Leaf Booklets – 10 to 150 Leaf:

Silver leaf is a white, lustrous metal and is popular in India, as an edible food additive and decoration. Silver can be used to garnish a number of dishes, giving them a contemporary or even a futuristic appearance.

Our edible silver is made from pure silver and is beaten between Japanese paper (and not animal skin) until it achieves 0.2 micron thickness. The edible leaf has been manufactured specifically for the food industry and adheres to strict safety standards.

Each booklet contains 10 - 150 leaves of loose silver leaf measuring 80mm x 80mm to 140mm X 140mm, as per customer requirements.

Packaging of Meera Edible Silver Leaf.

We manufactured different sizes of edible Silver leaf according to the customer requirement.

Duplicity:- These different sizes are Packed under the brand name of “MEERA” with different registered numbers.

Unique Registered numbers:- In order to avoid duplicity of our products, we registered these special numbers with the TRADE MARK AUTHORITY OF INDIA.

Our Registered Numbers are:-

Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1 Image 1

New Packaging No.:- M-125, M-135, M-145

Image 1

Disclaimer:- These unique numbers are solely to “ANAND & COMPANY” under brand name “MEERA”, and no one can use these numbers.

(b) Edible Silver Flakes, Dust & Petals

Image 1

Add some sparkly silver to your dishes and let your food shine! A little goes a long way and adds a real decadent sparkle to your dish. Silver looks particularly good against dark colours, think chocolate or rice, cake, cookies.

Edible Silver is available as dust or flake. The dust has the same particle size as fine sand.

Silver dust and flake are available in 5g, 10g and 20g sizes with larger sizes available on request.

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Goods are dispatched in accordance with the company's Terms & Conditions of Sale.

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Courier charges within the INDIA are calculated by the weight of the parcel.

Standard Delivery

Our Standard Delivery aims to get your order to you within 3-5 working days and is only available for orders that weigh less than 5Kg, any order that weighs more than this is automatically sent by Transport as this is far more cost effective.

Orders sent with our Standard Deliver

All deliveries must be signed for on receipt.

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