Saffron, called Kesar, is world’s most expensive food ingredient and comes from the dried stigma from the inside of the flower of Saffron crocus (crocus sativus) plant. It has always been considered very valuable. The crocus blooms for a few days in a year and has to be picked quickly. The reddish dark orange thread of Saffron give food a bright yellow color with a subtle aroma and irresistible flavor. It forms a part of the culinary culture of different regions in the world. Indian rice and sweets, a real Arabic coffee, North Italy’s famous Risotto- all demand the essential golden participation of this fragrance filled product. Its presence in various forms makes an essential part of the day’s proceedings. This aromatic element is a big store house of medical benefits too. From a fairer healthy skin to depression and internal health, it helps adding in overall well being of a person.

The incredible healing power of Kesar says only a pinch of its universal benefits. Some of the uses which reward it as a golden herb are:-

  • Auspicious essentiality: Its presence is considered to having blessed the ceremony thereby making it special.
  • Tickling our taste buds: Its beautiful yellow orange hues add alluring flavor and aroma to your favorite cuisines.
  • Beauty benefits: Skin brightening, healing acne and even bug bites and sores, remove tan, fairer and glowing skin.
  • Medical benefits: Provides relief from joint pain, gas, acidity, appetite and digestion problems. Cures depression, insomnia, gum, eye and vision difficulties. Good to use in winters due to its fire like hot nature.
  • Specific womanly benefits: Healthy to take a pinch of it with milk for a pregnant lady. Reduces pain and severity during menstrual cycle in women.

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